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Steel Moulds For Concrete Blocks

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In the cement brick machine production line, the mold occupies a pivotal position, and it is also a component that is frequently worn in the production. Only the perfect match between the mold and the block machine can guarantee the quality of the produced blocks, thereby ensuring the quality of the finished cement bricks.The hollow brick mold produced by our factory is made of high-quality alloy steel, and processed by carburizing and quenching technology and wire cutting. The mold is welded firmly, the surface is smooth, there is no virtual welding phenomenon, and it is not deformed or worn after 120,000 times.

Technical advantages:

  1. Mould replacement is convenient and fast. One cement brick machine can be equipped with multiple sets of moulds, which can be quickly replaced by simple fixing.
  2. The mold processing accuracy is high, and it can be easily replaced according to the manufacturer’s requirements, and there will be no mismatch between the upper indenter and the mold frame.
  3. Using wear-resistant manganese steel plate, no matter what kind of brick is produced, there will be no rapid wear.
  4. Our company has experience and technology in mold design and production, and can design a reasonable plan according to customer requirements.
  5. Our company can realize the mass production of molds and reduce the manufacturing cost of molds.


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