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Pallet Plastic Fiber,this brick machine pallet is a composite material of glass fiber and thermoplastic resin, like steel reinforced concrete, glass fiber is three-dimensionally staggered like steel bars, and the resin is coated with cement The steel bar is covered with glass fiber, so the rigidity and toughness of the brick machine pallet is particularly strong. It is a new type of engineering plastic developed for automobile engine bases, bumpers, and building templates in recent years, because it can be recycled.

Main features:

  1. Good rigidity
    GMT board elastic modulus 2.0-4.0Gpa; PVC board elastic modulus 2.0-2.9Gpa.
  2. Not easily deformed
    GMT board is flat and not easy to deform; PVC board is easy to change and warp.
  3. Water resistant
    Water absorption
  4. Wearable
    The surface hardness is 76D Shore. With the same pallet, the brick machine has worked continuously for several years with material and pressure, and the pallet is intact.
  5. Low temperature resistance
    The GMT pallet is used in a low temperature environment of minus 20 degrees without deformation or brittle fracture, while the PVC pallet is easily broken under the environment below zero.
  6. In winter, the damage rate of PVC increases, especially PVC pallets with high calcium carbonate content are more likely to be damaged and broken.
  7. High temperature resistance
    GMT pallets are resistant to high temperature of 60-90℃, are not easy to deform, and are suitable for steam curing, while PVC pallets are easily deformed at a high temperature of 60℃.
  8. Preservative
    It is resistant to most acid, alkali and salt, without any damage under strong acid, and the product can adapt to various complex environments.
  9. 9.Long lasting
    The service life is more than 8 years.


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