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Cement Pipe Making Machine

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Suspended roller cement pipe making machine is that the mold is driven by the hanging roller shaft for rotation, the mixture into the storage hopper, the material in the middle of the mixture feeder into the fabric machine by the material, then the material will be fed into the cement pipe mold by the fabric machine, and form the cement pipe in the end.

Main features:

  1. Choose a more complete two-stage feeding system: The concrete material in the hopper passes through the material distributor first and then evenly into the material hopper of the material distributor. The feeding metarials can be adjusted. Fabric machine does not accept the hopper material components, so the move is relatively simple.
  2. Slow drive system: The system can ensure that cement pipe mold speed steady in the parking process decline to slow rotation, and make the mold precisely stop positioning in the lifting, which facilitate the operation, but also to protect the quality of cement pipe.
  3. Hanging roller axis structure using two points: The adjustable fulcrum on the arm with a lifting function, is easy to operate, and the effect is solid. The two-point structure of the hanging roller axis is to make it avoid the additional bending moment of the three-point structure, thus increasing the number of hanging roller axis life, and reducing energy consumption.
  4. The composite process of the hanging roller plus oscillation: Cement pipe is forming under the conditions of the composite process that the hanging roller plus oscillation. This is to improve the quality of cement pipe, especially is favorable for the progress of the quality of the operating surface.


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