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Aggregate Batching Machine

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The aggregate batching machine is a fully automatic batching machine that can be used with concrete mixer,Divided into one-way and two-way, according to the user’s concrete ratio, 3-6 kinds of materials such as sand, stone, cement, etc. are automatically completed to a correct proportion through electronic weighing system which can effectively ensure the accuracy of the mix ratio of cement, sand, stones, etc., and further improve the accuracy of weighing.

Each aggregate hopper is hung on the storage bin rack by three sensors. The signals sent by the three sensors are processed and sent to the computer in the main control room. The weight values of the materials are displayed through the conversion of the secondary meters. In the state of transport, the sensor is detached, and the weighing bucket is suspended from the rack of the storage bin and fixed, and shipped together with the rack. The belt is used for flat belts with a belt width of 1000mm. The drive unit is composed of electric drums. It has the features of simple structure, good reliability, and easy maintenance.

Each storage hopper has two discharge doors to realize the rough weighing and fine weighing at the time of metering. That is, the two discharge doors are opened together when measuring, and when the 90% of the set value is measured, one discharge is closed. Door, use another discharge door to measure the remaining amount, which can reduce the gap and improve the measurement accuracy.


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