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Mould Name Shape Size
I section 50 mm

60 mm

80 mm

3.18 squire feet


Our company, as a steel concrete block mould manufacturer, excels in various aspects, thanks to our integration of product development, design, processing, and sales. We have standard modern production plants and utilize high-precision processing equipment that is among the most advanced domestically. Additionally, our team comprises skilled high-tech personnel, enabling us to deliver outstanding results. Our molds are constructed using high-strength manganese steel and chromium steel, which undergo the most advanced domestic carburizing treatment method. As a result, our molds achieve a remarkable hardness of over 60 degrees, significantly enhancing their wear resistance. Moreover, precision casting mold accessories are utilized for certain parts of the molds. The quality of our molds is further distinguished by the following technical advantages:

  1. Optimal wear and tear: Through the use of high-strength materials and advanced carburizing treatment, our molds exhibit optimal resistance to wear and tear. This enables them to withstand repeated use without significant deterioration.
  2. High abrasion resistance: The combination of high-strength steel and carburizing treatment enhances our molds’ resistance to abrasion. This is particularly beneficial in industries where molds come into contact with abrasive materials, ensuring their longevity.
  3. Ideal surface texture: Our molds achieve an ideal surface texture, thanks to the implementation of precision casting mold accessories and optimized milling strategies. This aspect is crucial for producing concrete blocks with smooth and uniform surfaces, meeting high-quality standards.
  4. Good dynamic properties: Our molds possess excellent dynamic properties, allowing them to withstand the forces and stresses encountered during the concrete block production process. This ensures consistent performance and reduces the risk of defects or failures.
  5. Accurate measurements and contours: With our modern production plants and high-precision processing equipment, we can achieve precise measurements and contours in our molds. This accuracy is vital for producing concrete blocks that meet specific specifications and dimensions.
  6. Extremely long durability: The combination of advanced carburizing treatment and the use of high-strength materials contributes to the exceptional durability of our molds. They can withstand prolonged and rigorous use, resulting in a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance costs.These technical advantages have garnered widespread acclaim from both new and long-standing customers throughout the country since our products entered the market. We have successfully sold our products nationwide and expanded into numerous international markets, further highlighting the superiority of our molds.

In summary, our optimized milling strategies and hardening technology ensure that our molds possess exceptional quality. These advantages, including optimal wear and tear, high abrasion resistance, ideal surface texture, good dynamic properties, accurate measurements and contours, and extremely long durability, set our molds apart in various spheres.

Technical advantages:

  1. Optimal wear and tear
  2. High abrasion resistance
  3. Ideal surface texture
  4. Good dynamic properties
  5. Accurate measurements and contours
  6. Extremely long durability

Since the model of the concrete block machine is different, the brick machine model produced by each brick machine manufacturer is not uniform. In order to ensure that the mold size is qualified, it is recommended that you accurately measure your size or draw a drawing when ordering the mold.We create excellent products with professional quality. The strong production force, complete production equipment, perfect testing methods, complete quality system, and considerate after-sales service have won a good reputation for our equipment, and have also enabled our company to continue to grow and develop in the competition in the same industry.


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