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Concrete Pipe Mould

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Concrete pipe mould is designed for concrete pipe making machine to produce concrete drain pipes, utilized the advanced technology to make a high concentricity, rigidity and durable, we are able to manufacture the mould with diameter from 300-2500mm and with length from 2000-3000mm in various kinds including flush joint(flat mouth type), groove joint, socket and spigot joint(socket and plug mouth type) ect. And all the concrete pipes are widely used in administrate drainage, agricultural field irrigation, rood culvert and deep water well .

Features of Concrete Pipe Mould:

  1. The overall design is used strengthen the leak-proof slurry design,  the mouth of pipe joints without  rough edges, easy mold-opening.
  2. Mold friction ring are all made from 45#  cast steel
  3. The steel plate we use is one of the four major steel production of Jinan Iron and Steel, and its material wear resistance can be guaranteed
  4. We use carbon dioxide shielded welding,The plasma cutting machine is used for cutting. Welding seam is smooth and nice, and the cutting seam is very exquisite. All above ensure the mold tough and durable and extend the service life greatly.


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