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Concrete Batching Plant Machine

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Concrete batching plant machine is used to store and measure various sand and gravel aggregates in concrete or asphalt mixing plants, and transport them to the mixer using the pre-set formula, and mix with cement, fly ash, mineral powder, additives, water, etc.The batching machine we produce adopts electronic weighing, microcomputer control, digital display, and console operation. It has the characteristics of accurate weighing, high dosing precision, fast speed, reliable control system performance, and easy operation.

Main features:

1. High precision of ingredients

The main components of the UNIK batching machine adopt imported parts from international advanced brands, with fast batching accuracy, automatic and manual adjustment of the moisture content of the aggregate, which can complete the water reduction in Gaza, control the slump, and ensure the quality of concrete.

2. Microcomputer control

The PLD batching machine can automatically complete the batching of various materials according to the concrete mix ratio set by the user. Some aggregate composite multi-speed metering technology makes the metering faster;

3. Easy to operate

The Tianlong batching machine series products are designed in accordance with the technical standards of the batching system in GB10172 “Technical Conditions of Concrete Mixing Plants”. It is easy to operate, and only needs to press a key each time, which is simple and easy to use;

4. Multiple combinations

The combination of the PLD series batching machine and the corresponding concrete mixer can form a combined mixing station of different forms and specifications. It is an ideal equipment for on-site production of high-quality concrete.

5. The left-right symmetrical design makes it easy to load materials and can load both sides at the same time.


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